Examination Center


Certification of specialists and laboratories of nondestructive testing

Examination Center "Electro Chem Protection" (LLC STC "Electro Chem Protection") conducts certification of specialists in the field of nondestructive testing, as well as certification of nondestructive testing laboratories.

Attestation of personnel in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT) according to PB 03-440-02 is carried out in order to confirm the sufficiency of theoretical and practical training, experience, competence of the specialist, i.e. his professional knowledge, skills, mastery, and granting the right to perform work on one or more types (methods) of NDT. The results of certification are entered in the register of STC "Industrial Safety".

Attestation of NDT laboratories in accordance with PB 03-372-00 is carried out by Independent Non-Destructive Testing Laboratories Attestation Bodies (NOAL). These organizations are authorized to carry out certification of NDT laboratories by the accreditation body - STC "Industrial Safety" JSC.