Control and diagnostics


Diagnostics of overhead electrical power lines

One of the activities of the our laboratory is diagnostics of the condition of overhead power lines. The most common and at the same time difficult problem in the operation of overhead power lines is disconnection due to electrical breakdown of insulators. The breakdown of an insulator does not always lead to its destruction or noticeable changes in its appearance, and then finding a faulty insulator is a very laborious task that takes a lot of time and resources.

Defects of insulators develop for a rather long time and from the appearance of the first signs (increase in the frequency and power of partial discharges) to electrical breakdown and destruction, months or even years can pass. Inspection using the Ultraprobe 2000 ultrasonic inspection system manufactured by UE Systems, Inc. allows identifying a defect at the initial stage. During testing, the device amplifies and converts an acoustic signal of the ultrasonic range, accompanying partial discharges, into an audio signal perceived by the operator.

The main advantages of the acoustic control of power transmission lines are efficiency, reliability and the absence of the need to turn off the equipment for testing.

Thermal imaging control

The laboratory for complex technical diagnostics has in its arsenal modern FLUKE thermal imagers capable of detecting a temperature difference of 0.07⁰C. In addition to high sensitivity, modern thermal imagers implement the technology of combining the visible and thermal images of an object. FLUKE thermal imagers are certified and included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation.

Specialized software allows to quickly analyzing the thermograms, including 3D analysis of the temperature distribution over the surface of the inspected object. Thermal imaging control allows to identify defects in electrical equipment at the initial stage, when the costs of eliminating them are minimal and the probability of an emergency failure is excluded.

Most often, thermal imaging examination reveals defects in contact joints. So, when visually inspected, a defective contact connection in visible light is no different from good connections. But in the infrared radiation recorded by the thermal imager, the defect is unambiguously identified already at the initial stage, which makes it possible to eliminate the defect during the current operation without emergency stops of the equipment and with minimal costs.

Technical diagnostics of cathodic protection systems

The laboratory of Electro Him Zashita, LCC carries out work on complex corrosion diagnostics of underground structures. The work is carried out and approved by specialists who have certification of experts in non-destructive testing and industrial safety with the right to calculate the residual period of exploitation and have also been trained by NACE international in the relevant areas.

The objectives of the complex corrosion inspection:

  • Determination of the corrosion state of structures, the state of insulation coating and their cathodic protection system;
  • Assessment of the corrosion hazard of the environment;
  • Assessment of the residual resource of equipment and CP facilities;
  • Development of recommendations for increasing the level of anti-corrosion protection and eliminating the causes of the occurrence and growth of corrosion damage.

Complex diagnostic and certification of electrical equipment

Electro Him Zashita, LCC carries out complex technical diagnostics and certification of electrical equipment with voltage up to 110 kV inclusive, also performs work on diagnostics of the condition of electrical machines, power electrical equipment and auxiliary devices of power facilities. The complex of works includes thermal imaging control in electrical installations. Qualified specialists perform technical inspection of technological schemes and electrical equipment of power facilities.

Based on the results of the survey of electrical equipment, an examination is carried out:

  • Expertise of reliability and safety of electric energy production facilities, with the issuance of conclusions on the possibility of operation;
  • Checking the technical condition of operating electrical installations, with the issuance of an opinion;
  • Carrying out work on diagnostics and assessment of the state of power plants with the issuance of an opinion on the possibility and conditions of further operation.


Acceptance and performance tests of electrical equipment

The certified electrical laboratory of Electro Him Zashita, LLC carries out acceptance tests and periodic (operational) tests of electrical equipment with voltage up to 110 kV inclusive.

The availability of special testing equipment and work experience allow testing:

  • Adjustment and testing of power electrical equipment of power plants, substations, distribution and converter devices (points) up to and above 35 kV;
  • Adjustment and testing of power transformers with voltage up to and above 35 kV;
  • Carrying out tests and measurements of parameters of power plants and structures, their parts and elements with voltages up to and above 35 kV, in the process of design development, manufacturing, installation, adjustment, operation and repair;
  • Carrying out energy-diagnostic tests of energy-consuming equipment by orders of enterprises, organizations and institutions.