Electrochemical and anti-corrosion protection


Comprehensive examination of anti-corrosion protection

Often, electrochemical protection systems for underground structures (pipelines) operate in modes that are far from ideal. For the effective action of corrosion protection, it is necessary to optimize the electrochemical protection system. Optimization allows:

Ensure the protective potential on the protected structure or determine the measures necessary for this;

Reduce the cost of electricity to protect the structure;

To increase the service life of anode ground electrodes and protectors by reducing the value of the protective current and, as a result, reducing the rate of their destruction.

The procedure for optimizing the operating modes of the ECP system includes the following steps:

Measurement of operating parameters of the ECP system in different modes of operation of cathode current sources;

Building a mathematical model of the ECP system based on the data obtained;

Calculation of optimal operating modes;

Checking the operation of the system in design modes.

Based on the experience of optimizing electrochemical protection systems, as a rule, the cost of electricity for corrosion protection is reduced by 20%-40%, and the service life of anode ground electrodes is increased by 15%-25%.

Commissioning of electrochemical protection systems

Specialists of Electro Him Zashita, LLC carry out start-up, testing and commissioning of cathodic protection systems after completion of construction and installation work. The work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory documentation in order to check the working capacity of both individual CP equipment and installations, and the cathodic protection system as a whole. During the work, the modes are established that are necessary to ensure the cathodic protection of the section of the underground structure (pipeline) from external corrosion.

Our commissioning crews are equipped with the necessary modern devices and special equipment, including all-terrain vehicles. The start-up and testing of the cathodic protection of pipelines is performed initially for individual CP equipment, and then the start-up, testing and commissioning of the cathodic protection system of the pipeline section is carried out. Based on the results of commissioning, qualified specialists draw up a technical report containing information about the tests and measurements performed, and recommendations for operating the system. A well-executed commissioning of the cathodic protection system provides optimal protection against corrosion of underground structures (pipelines) in further operation.

Monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection systems

The qualified personnel of Electro Him Zashita, LLC performs maintenance of electrical equipment (including cathodic protection systems) of third-party organizations.

Various options for technical maintenance, implemented by Electro Chem Protection LLC, allows, depending on the wishes of the Customer, both one-time work and continuous maintenance with the maintenance of technical documentation, representing the interests of the Customer during surveys of state supervisory authorities, as well as prompt elimination of failures ( accidents) electrical equipment as soon as possible.

As the advanced foreign experience shows, the maintenance by the contractor allows the maintenance of electrical equipment to be carried out at a qualitatively higher level and to reduce the costs of maintaining its own maintenance personnel.


Installation of cathodic protection system

Electro Him Zashita, LLC performs a full range of works for the installation of electrochemical protection systems for pipelines and other underground metal structures. Assembly production crews are equipped with modern specialized equipment for construction and assembly work. In order to produce high-quality welding works, all necessary welding technologies are certified by NAKS ("National Agency for Welding Control").

Highly professional specialists carry out the installation and commissioning of modern installations of cathodic protection, the device of test posts and SP station. Extensive experience has been accumulated in creating automated systems or connecting to existing systems for remote monitoring and control of electrochemical protection means.

The presence of our own Quality Control Service (QC) allows quickly monitoring and checking the completeness and quality of work performed, and guarantees an impeccable result of work on the installation of cathodic protection systems.

Anode grounding device

LLC "Electro Chemical Protection" performs a full range of turnkey works on the arrangement of anode ground electrode systems for cathodic protection installations. When performing work on the installation of deep anode grounding, mobile drilling rigs URB 2A2 based on all-terrain vehicles KAMAZ-43118 are used. Drilling is possible in any soil with or without a casing pipe to depths of up to 150 meters. Cone drilling with flushing provides high-quality fixation of the walls of deep wells and allows you to freely assemble and mount the anode earth electrodes with high quality.

When arranging anode earth electrodes of small depth up to 10-15 meters, including surface (subsoil) vertical anode earth electrodes, drilling is carried out by hydraulic drilling rigs UBG-S-45 "Bars" based on all-terrain vehicles KamAZ-43118.

Protection of industrial sites, underground parts of tanks, as well as main sections of pipelines located in high-resistivity soils (permafrost, rocky, sandy soils) is carried out by extended anode ground electrodes. For laying this type of anode grounding, ETSU-150 bar installations (universal chain excavator) on caterpillar or wheel tracks are used.

Qualified specialists perform adjustment and connection of the mounted anode ground electrode systems to the cathodic protection system, as well as perform the necessary electrical measurements to determine the operational characteristics of the ground conductors

Remote control and management of cathodic protection systems

At the facilities for maintenance of electrochemical protection equipment, Electro Chemical Protection LLC actively uses remote monitoring and control systems. This allows you to continuously monitor the state of protection against corrosion and, if necessary, remotely correct the operation of electrochemical protection equipment online.

ECP remote monitoring is based on the debugged and reliably functioning development of German partners Weilekes Elektronik GmbH (Germany), which has been debugged for years. The key element is the MiniTransPlus devices.

The advantage of these devices is their versatility - the devices are not tied to the hardware design of cathodic protection stations and can be mounted on any equipment. When installing a remote monitoring system, no structural changes to existing equipment are required. The functionality allows real-time control and management of the electrochemical protection system, both in manual and automatic modes, which is extremely important and effective, especially in areas of stray currents. Any deviation or failure in the operation of ECP equipment is immediately transmitted to the remote control system, and this allows you to promptly carry out remedial repairs.