Electro Him Zashita, LCC constantly renews its fleet of vehicles and special vehicles. Modern or modernized developments are used to the maximum extent possible.

Production units have their own fleet of mobile and special vehicles and equipment:

- Drilling rigs for well construction ("УРБ 2А2; УРБ 3АМ");

- Trenchers on tracked and wheelbases;

- Excavators and bulldozers KOMATSU;

- Mobile welding units (certified by NAKS);

- Automotive GPM (truck cranes and crane manipulators);

- Dump trucks based on URAL, KamAZ;

- Mobile workshops.

The laboratory of technical diagnostics for the performance of work for a complex  examination, commissioning, as well as maintenance of electrochemical protection systems and electrical installations, is provided with all-terrain / snowmobile specialized equipment and mobile test laboratories based on cars.