Electro Him Zashita, LCC was registered on October 28, 1996 by the Omsk Registration Chamber after renaming and reorganization of Electrokhimzashchita, LCC which was founded in 1992. The organization carries out the full scope of construction, installation and commissioning works in the following areas of activity: cathodic protection of underground structures, automation and telemechanics equipment, overhead power lines, power supply. Our construction departments are equipped with the necessary machinery and equipment under the guidance of qualified specialists in accordance with international standards. Electro Him Zashita, LCC has its own laboratory which specializes in the following activities:

- Complex examination of cathodic protection system and insulation coating condition inspection;

- Tests and measurements of electrical equipment up to 110 kV (inclusive), complex diagnostics of electrical equipment and networks up to and above 1000 V;

- A non-destructive testing group using control methods: thermal (thermal imaging), ultrasonic, visual measuring. The qualified personnel of our company perform maintenance and services of electrical equipment and cathodic protection systems at industrial and oil and gas facilities.