Specialists of Electro Him Zashita, LLC carry out start-up, testing and commissioning of cathodic protection systems after completion of construction and installation work.

The work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory documentation in order to check the working capacity of both individual CP equipment and installations, and the cathodic protection system as a whole. During the work, the modes are established that are necessary to ensure the cathodic protection of the section of the underground structure (pipeline) from external corrosion.

Our commissioning crews are equipped with the necessary modern devices and special equipment, including all-terrain vehicles.

The start-up and testing of the cathodic protection of pipelines is performed initially for individual CP equipment, and then the start-up, testing and commissioning of the cathodic protection system of the pipeline section is carried out. Based on the results of commissioning, qualified specialists draw up a technical report containing information about the tests and measurements performed, and recommendations for operating the system. A well-executed commissioning of the cathodic protection system provides optimal protection against corrosion of underground structures (pipelines) in further operation.